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Stock Holding & Management

Cardboard boxes are an excellent storage solution. Because they arrive flat packed to you, they can be stored away nicely, without taking up too much space until they’re ready to use. They’re everything a packaging item should be: versatile, unassuming, and affordable.

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Stock Holding & Management

Our Stock Holding and Management service is ready to give a helping hand to our clients. Managing and processing goods and products is difficult and can cost a lot of money. A lot of stock lying around is also inconvenient because it takes up so much space.

Our Stock Holding and Management service is there to lift the burden, and can even save you money in the process. Using our service has great benefits:

  • It reduces the amount of stock value kept on site at our client’s warehouses. It helps to spread stock around in many places to keep it safer.
  • Keeping a lot of stock on-site can be expensive. It needs managing and keeping an eye on. Let us take care of your excess stock, and free up your businesses cash flow.
  • We can keep up to 3 months’ worth of your stock with us.
  • We use sophisticated, bespoke software systems to manage stock at all times. This allows us to keep a close eye on minimum and maximum stock levels, making sure that stock is always there when needed.
  • Our Stock Holding & Management service reduces lead time to just 1 day, because the products are available from stock.

Our warehouses stock a huge range of packaging products. From cardboard boxes, polythene, packaging paper, tape, and packaging machinery & tools.

Keeping stock with us doesn’t have to feel any different from keeping it on-site at your business. We operate a Just-in-Time delivery service. This means we can deliver what you want, and when you need it, the very next day. This service offers smooth and continuous supply even through peak periods. (Christmas and other holidays.)

We have three large sites located across the North-West that store about £1 million worth of stock. If our Stock Holding & Management service is something you need, Contact Us today.

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