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Packaging Paper

We all want your goods to arrive in excellent condition. Whilst we recommend boxes which will give the best protection, their are alternatives and more cost effective ways of wrapping your goods, these options being Packaging Papers.

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Packaging Paper

A quality packaging paper is essential to protect parcels and other postal items. Quality packing paper can also save a lot of money in the long run. It is not uncommon for packages to get damaged in transit with low-quality paper. High-quality packing paper materials offer extra protection for postal items.

Packaging paper is sometimes referred to as ‘kraft paper’. Kraft paper is a popular choice for wrapping, padding and protection. It is the iconic, standard plain brown wrapping paper. Kraft paper is also used to fill spaces within parcels, and for decorative or presentation needs. There are specialised types of kraft paper. Waxed kraft paper, for example, helps to stop corrosion. This makes it the ideal choice when delivering oily or greasy items.

Essential packaging supplies, whatever the situation

We stock different types of packaging papers, in many materials, strengths, and sizes. We also have specialised packaging protection materials and solutions. So if your packages need extra protection from the weather, or other industry-specific dangers, we can help.

It is often said that prevention is better than the cure. Our robust packaging paper and protective materials, can prevent unnecessary damage. Unnecessary damage to packaging paper can come from anywhere, including knocks, tumbles, and drops.

Protective paper packaging: versatile, and cost-effective

Packaging paper is a good way to keep shipping costs to a minimum. It is one of the lightest ways to ship an item, because the paper is so light in weight. A protective paper packaging can bring the costs down. This is especially helpful for businesses that ship a lot of goods. Check out our other postal products and see how you can deliver safe, affordable goods with little stress.

Got a question about packaging paper? Then do not hesitate to Contact Us. Our in-house experts are ready to help you find the right packaging solution.

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