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Polythene Products

Cardboard boxes are an excellent storage solution. Because they arrive flat packed to you, they can be stored away nicely, without taking up too much space until they’re ready to use. They’re everything a packaging item should be: versatile, unassuming, and affordable.

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Polythene Products

Polythene products are a common sight throughout the packaging world. That’s because they are so useful and cheap. Polythene is resilient and great for keeping items together and orderly in transportation. If you’re unsure about how to transport something, wrapping it in polythene is almost always the right thing to do.

Using Polythene Packaging

Because polythene is so useful it is common to find it throughout the packaging industry. It is also a common sight in catering and in warehousing. Polythene is recognisable as pallet shrink wrap, in resealable grip bags, and as clear plastic sheeting. Polythene is the product of choice for mattress covers, box liners, and furniture bags.

Polythene products come in different thicknesses for different purposes. Thicker polythene products are more hard-wearing than thinner polythene products. For many people, the thinner types of polythene are more than enough. For typical items shipping in the post, lower density polythene is ideal and cost effective.

The different types of polythene products

Common types of polythene packaging includes: resealable bags, layflat tubing and polythene sacks.  The sacks are usually high strength. They can store anything from food ingredients to building materials. Woven polythene sacks can store heavy components including metal.

Layflat tubing is like a polythene ‘loo roll’. With a heat sealer, users can create makeshift, tailor made bags with layflat tubing.

Polythene products at unbeatable prices

Because we source and manufacture in-house, we are able to sell our products cheaper than most places. We pride ourselves in stocking the highest quality polythene on the market. All at competitive, cost-effective prices. If you are looking to buy a lot of polythene, we may be able to offer discounts. Contact Us for more information.

Our products are all available for next day delivery, and delivery is free after you spend £75.

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