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Welcome to Direct Packaging Solutions

Welcome to Direct Packaging Solutions – we have over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry helping businesses like yours meet their packaging needs. From sole traders to multinational enterprises, we’re here to support your business.

Take advantage of easy online ordering or open an account with us for wholesale discounts and a personal touch. You can take advantage of our storage solutions, ensuring your supplies are always within reach, exactly when you need them without taking up your valuable space.

Our global partnerships with leading manufacturers enable us to offer premium quality without the premium price tag, giving you a competitive edge.

Need something specific? Our team of expert consultants and creative designers are at your disposal, ready to craft bespoke packaging solutions that showcase your brand’s identity or provide the functionality you need. 

Get FREE delivery on all online orders over £100 or collect for FREE from our Stockport or Deeside Branch. 

At Direct Packaging Solutions we strive for excellence, see why were rated excellent, elevate your packaging with us and begin your journey today.

Storage Facility

With three sites across the North West, our warehouses are capable of stocking a huge range of packaging products to suit your every need. With over £1 million worth of stock currently held in our warehouses, from cardboard boxes, polythene, tape and packaging paper to packaging machinery & tools, you can rest assured knowing your products are in safe hands when left with us. Our bespoke software system helps us manage stock levels to ensure consistency of service and stock levels.

We offer a storage service to help clients who have very limited space, allowing us to fulfil your packaging needs, manufacture products in larger quantities, as well as the ability to store your packaging materials in one of our warehouses. This means we’re able to offer all of our customer’s cheaper prices than many of our competitors on the market, as well as the ability to offer delivery at a moment’s notice using our own transport when and where you need it.

Product Manufacturing

Direct Packaging Solutions hold a unique position within the supply chain, as we actually manufacture, import and distribute many of our own products. This allows us to offer all of our customers the benefits of incredible low prices, as well as delivery at a moment’s notice. As an independent company we know that our customer service is the most important aspect in our pursuit of ongoing growth and success and will continue to concentrate on exceeding customer expectations.

We only manufacture products in house when it results in a cheaper end price for you, the consumer. If we don’t see a benefit from importing these products, we’ll ensure they’re manufactured by our experienced team to suit your needs and specifications. We currently manufacture an abundance of our own products, from cardboard boxes and foam end caps to inserts and profiles. Our ability to manufacture and import products means we’re able to offer a quick lead time when required.

Delivery from Direct Packaging Solutions

Direct Packaging Solutions run our very own fleet of delivery vehicles from each of our three sites across the North West, meaning we always have complete control over our own deliveries and schedules – We aim to schedule deliveries to meet your specific requirements and availability. With our ‘Just in Time’ delivery service, you’ll never have to worry about your products turning up later than expected, with Direct Packaging Solutions’ ability to organise timed deliveries when and where required.

Our high quality delivery service operates throughout the UK, providing all of our clients with products when and where they’re needed. Direct Packaging Solutions pride ourselves in our performance as we understand customer service is one of the key aspects of any successful business. With this in mind, we aim to continue providing excellent customer service as we pursue our ongoing growth and success, as well as aiming to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of our business.

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