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Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are an excellent storage solution. Because they arrive flat packed to you, they can be stored away nicely, without taking up too much space until they’re ready to use. They’re everything a packaging item should be: versatile, unassuming, and affordable.

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Cardboard Boxes & Containers

Direct Packaging Solutions manufacture, import and supply a wide range of high-quality cardboard boxes for protecting goods and products while out for delivery or sat in storage. Cardboard boxes are an excellent storage solution because they arrive to you, flat packed and ready to use, and can be stored away when not being used without taking up too much space. Cardboard boxes are everything you need from a reliable packaging product, as they’re versatile, unassuming, and very affordable. Direct Packaging Solutions manufacture, import and distribute the best quality cardboard boxes on the market across the United Kingdom, and with our ‘just in time’ delivery option, they’ll be delivered to you by tomorrow!

Our cardboard boxes are manufactured in-house by our professionally qualified team. This allows us to pass the savings onto you; the customer. Our range of prices is lower than most and what’s best is that we offer these low price to you, without having to compromise on the quality of product you’re receiving. If you’re looking to buy cardboard boxes without breaking the bank, then we’re the company you need! We know every little detail about our products, from how they are made, from beginning to end – from the sheet of corrugated cardboard, to the simple, clever, efficient box that gets delivered in a package to our clients. We use top grade corrugated cardboard or fibreboard, which ensures durability, and use a streamlined production and assembly line that warrants the quality of the boxes we produce, and ensures we only produce high-quality products.

Not Sure What Kind of Cardboard Box You Need?

Due to the fact that we manufacture all of our boxes, we can manufacture bespoke cardboard boxes, made to a size that your require. If you’re interested in finding out more about our range of cardboard box products, contact us and our team will do their best to help. Our cardboard box range of products are available in various stock dimensions, as these have just proved the most popular over the years. However if you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, then feel free to call and ask our team and we will do our best to assist you. You can contact us either by phone or with an email at 0845 030 88900161 975 5360 (the Customers’ Accounts department), and, respectively.

Direct Packaging Solutions supply single wall or double wall boxes to trade, industry and end users across the United Kingdom, before making your choice, it’s worth assessing your packaging requirements and note that these distinct types of boxes vary in thickness and strength. Double walled boxes are that bit thicker, so they can sustain more weight than the single wall variety. As such, we would recommend the double walled boxes for heavier goods. Consider the weight of your goods before making a purchase and decide which cardboard box suits your needs.

Ordering from us is as simple as with any other respectable online store: simply add products to your shopping basket, then proceed through checkout. Remember that we offer free delivery on all our cardboard boxes, if you spend £75 or more. Since we value transparency and open communication with our client base, it’s important to note that a small fee of £7.95 will be applied if spending under £75. Aside from that, if you order before 2pm, you can have all your cardboard boxes and other packaging items ordered for us on your doorstep tomorrow! We deliver all over the United Kingdom and make sure to use reliable delivery services.

Finally, if you have a question or a special request for us, don’t hesitate to either call us on 0845 030 8890 or email us at Our staff are always there with a smile and the express goal to respond to any of your inquiries as promptly as possible. We value our customers’ satisfaction above everything and are always looking forward to your feedback. Because, as they say, there’s no ad campaign or marketing slogan that’s more efficient than a happy customer, who returns to your business time and again.

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