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Importing & Manufacturing

Cardboard boxes are an excellent storage solution. Because they arrive flat packed to you, they can be stored away nicely, without taking up too much space until they’re ready to use. They’re everything a packaging item should be: versatile, unassuming, and affordable.

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Importing & Manufacturing

Direct Packaging Solutions occupies a unique position in the supply chain. That is: we import, manufacture, and distribute all of our products. We import items from overseas from East Asia and Europe at a low cost. This gives us a competitive edge in the market. It allows us to sell goods at very cheap rates.

Where we don’t import, we manufacture. Manufacturing in-house means we can keep track of everything closely. It also means we don’t have to rely on ‘middle men’ and their added labour costs. This means we can make and sell products cheaper than most of our competitors. If it is cheaper, we manufacture the more bulky products instead of importing.

Another great thing about having complete control is we can make completely bespoke products. So if a customer wants a unique size or a specific design, our experts can make it a reality. In-house has no shortage of great advantages. In-house manufacturing gives us a greater flexibility over our competitors. This flexibility lets us react to the market quickly — which is great news for our innovative customers!

Manufacturing in-house lets us keep an eye on and assure everything is of great quality. Currently, we are working towards the ISO 9001 accreditation. This accreditation is a sort-of rubber stamp. It tells customers that our quality management systems are at their best and getting better.

Some of the things we manufacture: cardboard boxes, foam end caps, inserts, and foam profiles.

Once we’ve manufactured your bespoke products, we can deliver them in no time at all!. Our unique Just-in-Time delivery service can deliver on the same day if need be. For more information, click here.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. As an independent company, we understand how important it is to make our customers happy. That’s why we are constantly pushing to exceed customer expectations. If you have any questions at all about our importing and bespoke in-house manufacturing, please Contact Us.

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