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Cost Reduction Service

Cardboard boxes are an excellent storage solution. Because they arrive flat packed to you, they can be stored away nicely, without taking up too much space until they’re ready to use. They’re everything a packaging item should be: versatile, unassuming, and affordable.

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Cost Reduction Service

At Direct Packaging Solutions, we are proud to offer services that could save you a lot of money, for free.

A lot of businesses in the UK use outdated products and packing methods. If only they knew better, they could save a lot of time and money.

That’s where we come in. Packaging is our speciality; it’s what we take pride in. If there’s a better way, we want people to know about it. That’s why we operate our Cost Reduction Service. This unique service has the sole ambition of helping businesses reduce overheads. It is an entirely FREE service. What happens is this:

  • Direct Packaging Solutions will send a team of experts to your business.
  • We will then analyse the current packing methods and products at your company.
  • We will then suggest new grades or methods that we’re confident will save time and money in the long run.

Packaging is an important part of a business. Most often it has a brand name stamped on it, and is often the first thing customers will see. If the packaging is poor or the product gets damaged in transit, this can put people off. For this reason, many businesses should wish to see packaging as a form of public relations. Great packaging is a good promotional tool, and can boost sales. What’s even better is: we can make packaging look better, for cheaper.

Some of the areas we will look at closely include:

  • How the latest technology and products can improve performance and reduce running costs.
  • How to consolidate stock lines (to increase production and savings).
  • How to minimise waste in the supply chain; reduce packing time, sizes, and shipping costs.
  • How to prevent damage in transit by improving design materials.

Think of our Cost Reduction Service as an independent, objective audit of your businesses packaging.

Many of us at Direct Packaging Solutions have over 25 years’ of experience in the Industry. We like to think we know a bit about packaging.

So if you would like us to come down and take a look at your business’s packaging methods and products, let us know. Remember, it’s free! Contact Us today, so we can get talking.

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